Persuasive essay about teenage birth control

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Birth Control for Teens Birth control is everywhere. Ads for contraception are on tv, condoms are sold at 7/11, Walmart, Target and many other places people go to everyday. Teenagers are taught to p safe sex practice and about the dangers of STD’s and other sexually transmitted infections i.


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The causes of teenage pregnancy include a lack of access to sexual and reproductive health education and services. The expectations of communities on girls to become mothers early can be a cause along with sexual violence.

Child marriage is a key factor – approximately 90% of births to teenage mothers in developing countries occur within marriage. In addition to evidence-based prevention programs, teens need access to youth-friendly contraceptive and reproductive health services and support from parents and other trusted adults, who can play an important role in helping teens make healthy choices about relationships, sex, and birth control.

They may also know about friends on birth control, but they may not know about places to get it without parents knowing or where they can get it for free. The effects of teenage pregnancy can change the course of someone’s life completely.

According to Agnes Maliki’s article, The Effects of Teenage Pregnancy on Adolescents, teenage. Teen birth control is widely available and can easily help reduce the incidence of teen pregnancy. Teen birth control can include a variety of methods, including: Abstaining from sexual relations or intercourse.

Persuasive essay about teenage birth control
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