Write a note on name spaces in c strings

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Chapter 8: Strings

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I would go with it unless there needed. I was sumwhat relaxed by your last thing. So I discontinued it. How can we read the string ("firstname lastname") with spaces in C except using scanset and gets? Jul 19,  · string with spaces. C / C++ Forums on Bytes.

Note that unlike printf(), you can't specify the sizes via * notation (in the scanf()-family, * supresses assignment), so you have to create the format with the correct sizes. Further, the size you specify is the number of characters before the terminating null byte, so if the array is of size 15, the size you specify in the format string is I want to write a sub-program in which a user can input their comment.

I use scanf("%s", X) and let them input a comment, but it can only store the word before a space bar in the string. How can I solve this problem in order to store a whole sentence into a string or a file? Note that along with C-style strings, which are arrays, there are also string literals, such as "this".

In reality, both of these string types are merely just collections of characters sitting next to. Note that I changed from c style strings to the safer and more powerful C++ strings. Edit: if keeping c-style strings is required in your code, you could use almost the .

Write a note on name spaces in c strings
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C Programming Course Notes - Character Strings